Professional Coach Development Program

Professional Coach Development Program

Being a Coach and educating people on how to eat, move and even think is a big responsibility; This is exactly why we consider our own education crucial to the success of our students.  After completing numerous degrees related to health, and coaching 1000’s of hours of movement, I found the best way to share my knowledge with our coaches is to mentor them.  This was a HUGE task, and finding a system to help me was crucial.  This is why The Sudbury School of Fitness follows the MadLab Business model for developing professional coaches.  We’ve paired with many of the top minds in the strength, conditioning and fitness world.

That being said, our program isn’t a short one.  Learning something to a level that it becomes part of you isn’t something that can be accomplished in a weekend, a week or even a month.  It takes time, repetition and reinforcement.  As you’ll see outlined below, the program our Coaches complete is comprehensive and well designed.  The goal?  To professionalize the fitness trainer.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew every coach you spoke with had specific training in all the areas outlined below?  And that if they didn’t know the answer to one of your questions they wouldn’t hesitate to admit it, as they know they have a rich network of professionals to help them?  This is a step in that direction.  

Our In-House Apprentice Diploma program includes both our Junior and Senior Apprenticeships.

Junior Apprentice Program – 6-18 months

Junior Apprentice I

  • Shadow 3 classes and 3 PT’s per week
  • Level 1 Certificate Course (or equivalent approved certification)
  • Study academic material
  • 3-6 months in duration

Graduation from Junior I to Junior II

  • Academic Criteria – Write exams in anatomy, exercise science (safety principles, energy systems and cardiovascular physiology), nutrition and coaching cues (80% pass level)
  • Academic Criteria – Complete all fundamental levels on MadLab Online Component and quizzes (80% correct)
  • Practicum Criteria – First day and nutrition speeches ready to go – mentor decides when ready
  • Sales Criteria – Get 1 client to train in Junior II level

Junior Apprentice II

  • Assist in 2 to 3 classes per week
  • Start training clients in PT at 20/30% rate
  • Up to 7 clients given to Apprentice. Minimum 2 brought in by Apprentice
  • Study academic material
  • 6-12 months in duration

Graduate from Junior II to Senior I

  • Academic Criteria – Write exams in exercise science (safety principles, biomechanics and metabolic conditioning), nutrition, programming (80% pass level)
  • Sales Criteria – Generate 2 referrals from first 9 PT clients
  • Practicum Criteria – Complete 6 clients through the first 15 PTs at 20/30% rate
  • Practicum Criteria – 135 hours of PT (9 clients x 15 hours – can be a bit less if tandem coaching) – 120 hours of class (e.g. 2-3 hours of class per week x 48 weeks)

Senior Apprentice Program – 12-24 months

Senior Apprentice I

  • Continue to add to client book @ 30-40% rate to reach 20 clients total
  • 4 hours of class time per week plus their pt hours
  • Study academic material
  • 6-12 months in duration

Graduate from Senior I to Senior II

  • Academic Criteria – Write exams in exercise science (Neuro-endocrine physiology, Ergogenic aids, sports nutrition (academic component begins to be pared down here as practical component ramps up)
  • Sales Criteria – 30% of client book must be referrals – 20 clients total
  • Practicum Criteria – Class and PT hours – Help with a specialty program

Senior Apprentice II

  • Continue to add to client book @ 30-40% rate
  • Study academic comprehension/critical thinking material
  • 5 hours of class time per week
  • 6-12 months in duration

Graduate from Senior II to Associate Coach

  • Academic Criteria – Write exams in programming case studies and business model (80% pass level)
  • Sales Criteria – 40% of client book must be referrals – 50 clients
  • Practicum Criteria – Participate in the design and implementation of a specialty program or event

Associate Coach Program – 18-24 months

  • Continue to add to client book @ 40-50% rate
  • 5-7 classes per week
  • 18-24 months in duration

Graduate from Associate Coach

  • Academic Criteria – Oral exam on all facets of being a coach and MadLab Business systems
  • Sales Criteria – Client book is 50% referrals
  • Practicum Criteria – Design and implement your own ongoing successful specialty program

If you’re interested in becoming a Coach with us, please contact us at with your resume and a brief explanation as to why you think you would be a good fit.  We look forward to working with you!