What is a “Hybrid” Membership?

Regular Movement Screens gauge risk of future injury

Movement Screen

Beginning your fitness journey and checking in periodically for a movement screen is a great way to address your pre-existing movement and mobility limitations, as well as to prevent future nagging injuries from occurring.  You’ll discover where you’re limited, what your symmetry is like, and receive corrective exercises and stretches to help shore up any deficiencies and insulate your tissues from injury.

Homework - Attack your goals with an intelligent plan


Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD) is something strived towards in most sports that are coached for our youth.  But why should athletic development stop there?  We’ve found the best way to acquire new skills, new levels of strength, or whatever your goal may be, is with a succinct, well developed plan.  Your coach will help design that for you at each and every visit and provide homework to work on your specific goals.

Nutrition - Find what works best for YOU

Nutrition Strategy

Nutrition is one of the best “bang for your buck” investments you can make when working at improving your health, performance and longevity.  Your coach will help with designing strategies to approach your food as fuel when you need to, while also being able to kick your feet up once in a while.  You want to support your goals with a sustainable, realistic and effective approach to your diet.

Homework - Attack your goals with an intelligent plan

Coach for Life

Our members will tell you that accountability and relationships have been crucial to their progress.  That’s why even when you’ve moved on to our classes or specialty programs, you’ll still stay in touch with your Coach. If you have questions, your coach has answers. Your coach is your guide to all things fitness – providing you with nutrition support, movement tips, and road trip WODs.  They’re with you for the long haul.

The goal?     Making you Fit beyond expectation


One of the best feelings in our gym is when you achieve a specific movement you’ve been struggling with, or beating a record that you’ve worked hard for.  Interestingly, ask any of our Coaches what their favourite part of coaching is, and it’s seeing the impact of their work – whether it’s a PR lift, or even just a mental breakthrough with a specific movement.  That being said, wouldn’t we want our athletes crushing MORE of their goals, and our coaches to have as great an impact as possible on those athletes?  That’s why we’ve adopted the “hybrid” membership.

We’ve always noticed the greatest results when working 1on1 with an athlete.  Whether it was coaching them on food and workout strategy, or providing tips and progressions to develop their muscle up or olympic lifting technique.  Ultimately, we believe the strength of our system is that every single student has a coach for life. And no matter what level you’re at, one-on-one training is valuable. The challenged mover with perpetually tight shoulders or hips needs extra mobility and movement prep drills – So that they’re practicing quality movement and not putting themselves at risk for injury. The guy who has been here for years benefits from periodic one-on-one sessions, where his coach can give him a new challenge, provide accessory work to shore up weaknesses or come up with a specific plan of attack to avoid plateau-ing. And the elite athlete most definitely needs one-on-one attention from a coach in order to iron out the finer technical points of certain movements and weaknesses.  Read more about why we like to begin and continue periodically with Personal Training here.

And while hitting PR’s and learning new movements is a blast – the next best thing is doing it with friends.  Having fun is the number one way to ensure you’re going to continue doing something, and if you’ve been in one of our classes, or to one of our events, you know it’s the most fun you’ve had while getting fit.  Making friends and having fun is the number one benefit of group classes.  So today, we blend our memberships to include the individualized attention and prescriptions to provide unparalleled progress as well as group classes and open gym to make our memberships more affordable, and provide the social, fun and community-driven aspect of our facility. Ask your coach for more info on how to get started!